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Pause to Let Your Eyes Adjust

Monday, April 20th, 2020

Every time I walked by this piece, I couldn’t remember the name and code used.

Pause Piece

I looked through my files and found the piece support materials. The title and code is Pause to Let Your Eyes Adjust.

The Code
Pause Piece Code

The Code in Color (tan yarn is used in place of cream)
Pause Piece Color Code

Upper Layout
Pause Piece Upper

Pause Piece Upper

Detail of Broken Triangle Bits of Mirror
Pause Piece Mirror

Middle Section
Pause Piece Middle

Lower Layout
Pause Piece Bottom

Pause Piece Lower

Signature–Perforated Disk

Pause Signature Disk

Materials List
Birch branches and twigs–symbol of health, wisdom, safety, public office.
Other materials–1/4″ hardware cloth (45×99 squares), wool yarn, mirror, cotton duck for back. Bargello embroidery patterns.

Plantlet Find in a Peculiar Place

Thursday, February 20th, 2020

When I opened my flower press today, I found something interesting…

Succulent Dying Flower Press

…the leaves that I gathered from a dying succulent now have plantlets. How cool is that?!

One of the reasons that I am loving succulents is how resilient many are and often how easy it is to make more plants.

Succulent Leaf with Plantlets

Succulent Leaf Lower

Succulent Plantlets

Succulent Leaf Middle

The dried leaf colors and textures are gorgeous!

Succulent Leaf Lower

The dried leaf brought to mind my bronze dagger series, Tools for Rent.

Bronze Patina

Bronze Patina

Bronze Patina