2020 June 27

Found on Cut Dianthus in Kitchen


It is not uncommon to find ladybugs on greens purchased at the Farmers’ Market; sometimes several days after being refrigerated.

Unearthed Sansevieria 2019 August 28

2020 June 27


Lovely Pale Yellow Dianthus

Dianthus Pale Yellow

Was in a six pack of white dianthus.

Some Type of Origanium


I have two plants, the other one has hairy foliage.

Succulent Gift From My Mother


Purchased from the grocery store during one of our many shopping trips.

Found in the Orchard




This type of plant generally has a blue flower. Should know for sure, soon.

Monarch Chrysalis

Planned to move the plant rack from the deck to a space in the courtyard for potted succulents. I removed all of the plants.
Plant Rack Chrysalis

When I flipped the rack over to brush off all leaves and debris I found a Monarch Chrysalis.

Monarch Chrysalis

Apparently, one of the eight Monarch caterpillars made it through to the chrysalis stage.

Monarch Chrysalis

Didn’t finish cleaning the plant rack. Didn’t want to disturb the chrysalis. Also, left the plant rack empty to prevent giving the chrysalis a shower while watering plants.

Nature controls gardening. Gardening teaches patience.

Lichen Growth on Sculpture and Mold on an Orange

The sculpture was made while an undergrad at Ohio State University in the 80s. Unfortunately, the top rim of the smaller piece was chipped during a move. The pieces were designed to be placed in different positions while still having a dialogue. They were fired multiple times using lithium and lead glazes.

Sculpture on Deck

Grey Lichen

Grey and Orange Lichens

Orange Lichen

Red Lead Glaze and Orange Lichen

Lady Bug on Lithium Blue Glaze

Naturally Occurring Blue-Green Found on Orange
Orange Mold

Orange Mold

Orange Mold

My choice of glaze surfaces occurred before my interest in mold and lichen growth.

Growth Found in Pot of Soil in the Garage

Transplanted dianthus from the pot to the garden. Then placed the pot of soil in the garage. The pot had been under the bird feeder. Apparently, birdseed is resilient.

Birdseed Growth

Birdseed Growth

Moved the pot outside for the birds. The Towhees often nibble my seedlings, even in the greenhouse. Maybe this will be a treat for them.