The soil that I recently purchased has some interesting components.

I posted this image of a lovely mushroom that appeared growing next to a Brugmansia seedling. It lasted for a single day.


I found the remnants of a couple of mushrooms in a pot of greens I am growing for my house bunnies.

Mushroom Remnants

Palm Nuts Work In Progress

I have a great stash of palm nuts. Different sizes and colors. I was wondering what to do with them. Kept looking at them. Touching them. They are such beautiful little bits of nature.

Containers of Palm Nuts

Sunday I drilled holes vertically through the nuts, inserted wire. I bound four together to make a frame.

Palm Nuts Frame

Even if I used patina on the brass wire, I still don’t think I will like wire with the palm nuts.

I stitched a 9×9 using brown Egyptian cotton. The thread is barely noticeable, but when it is, looks natural.

Palm Nuts 9 x 9 Mat

Last night I drilled holes in 240 nuts. I need 218, but always make extra just in case. Tonight I will begin stitching them together with the Egyptian cotton.

Palm Nuts and Egyptian Cotton

There will be 99 connected little frames with a mirror in the center of each frame. Yep, I am making a grid using palm nuts.

I am not sure if the cotton thread will be strong enough to support the weight of 218 palm nuts and 99 pieces of mirror. I will address that problem if it becomes an issue.

Of course there will be a coded message. This time the message will be: another mirror held up to me.

Solandra maxima variegata

This morning I found a Solandra maxima leaf on the kitchen counter. It looked wrong. There was a lot of yellow. What was happening to my plants?

Then I looked closer and saw the purple stem. This was not from one of my plants. My husband told me that he found a Solandra maxima plant on his morning walk. The leaf was from a variegated variety.

Solandra Variegated Leaf Detail

Leaf Comparison

Solandra Leaf Comparison

I first became aware of the Solandra early one morning at the local Farmers’ Market. There was a slight breeze and a fragrance that was familiar, yet unknown. When I located the source, I immediately bought the plant.

Solandra First Plant

Since that day I have taken cuttings and have plants in 6 locations in my gardens. I have given cuttings to neighbors as well.

When I researched the plant, I found reference to the flowers emitting a pheromone that can induce amorous feelings. Parts of the plant have been used for medicinal treatment and in rituals. If used inappropriately, respiratory and circulatory failure can occur. Yet another potentially dangerous plant in my garden.

I like the plant because the older growth is substantial and bark covered, the leaves are waxy, the buds and flowers are beautiful, and the fragrance is like candy on the wind. I am allowing two plants to grow naturally. The others are cut to fill spaces, so more shrub than vine.

Solandra Bloom