What Happened?

I was looking through some work in progress and thought this looked odd.

Casemaking Moth Damage

The last time I saw this piece the stitchwork background was completed. The plan was to add another layer of stitchwork with fiber and seeds with the code, A Fragment of Memory.

When I opened the graph paper I found this–
Casemaking Moth Damage

And this–

Casemaking Moth Damage

So what caused the damage?

Casemaking Moth Damage

Casemaking Moths.

I have a weird fascination with the critters. They totally creep me out. And yet they are rather interesting the way they become active with a bit of light. And how they carry their shelter with them.

It is frustrating to have work destroyed. Even if it is work in progress.

This is a image of the damaged alpaca lace piece and a piece that is stitched with bamboo.

Casemaking Moth Damage Comparison

They were on the same shelf, right next to each other. Does this show a fiber preference? Or maybe the difference was the alpaca piece was partially inside of a piece of folded paper. That would make for a darker more protected environment for the casemaking moths.

I have written about casemaking moths in the past here, here, and here.

The first time I wrote about casemaking moths was March 2012, the last time was in September 2014, well until now.

Unknown Seed Pods

I like the challenge of growing plants, shrubs trees from seed and cuttings. Sometimes I am successful, sometimes not so much.

A couple of months back, a friend gave me a small plastic bag filled with potential plants.

unknown seed pods

She said that she had saved them years ago, but could not remember what they were. I looked at the pods. They looked vaguely familiar, but I could not identify them.

I planted them 19 September. I placed the pot on the back of a shelf in my greenhouse.

unknown seed pods planted

This image was taken 24 September.
unknown seedlings

It did not occur to me that the seed would respond so quickly to a bit of soil, warmth, and water. I was surprised to see growth so quickly. Unfortunately the seedlings are leggy.

I moved the pot to the front of the shelf. After a few days of morning sun, I moved the pot to a protected location amongst some potted plants.

Over the weekend I noticed the plants developed their second set of leaves.

unknown seedlings second set of leaves

Now I wait for the plants to reveal their identity.