Datura Seedlings–Leaf Damage

Datura Seedling Leaf Damage

When I was organizing photos I shot yesterday, I noticed eggs on the underside of the damaged Datura leaves. They were so small I didn’t see them until I enlarged the photo. The shape of the eggs is fairly clear, but the image is not in focus.

Datura Seedling Leaf Damage–Eggs

Everything loves Datura and Brugmansia. Every seedling I transplanted to the garden, was eaten by the next morning. Even hidden plants, were found and damaged by the next morning. I hid this plant inside Hellebore leaves. Still somehow found and damaged.
Datura Seedling Leaf Damage

Converted Egyptian Paste Piece

While reorganizing my garage studio space I found one of my Egyptian Paste test pieces had apparently been used as a hotel for mice.

Egyptian Paste Box

The mice managed to get in the garage and found all of the dried and drying plant materials sustaining.


When I was cleaning the space after the mice were relocated, it didn’t occur to me that I should look through the boxes of pieces stored in the space.

The box was constructed of hardware cloth and Egyptian paste. After firing the box, it was lined with black nylon and bound closed with strips of the same fabric. The fabric was dipped in diluted wood glue and hit with a heat gun, for a shrink wrap effect. I like that nylon can look like a skin, exposing the structure under it.

I have posted about this piece in the past. Pleased that the pieces have not developed a light coating of sodium.

Egyptian Paste Vessel

The pieces were constructed of hardware cloth, some had the addition of nails.

Egyptian Paste Vessel Nail Detail

The Egyptian paste was used like spackle and the lot fired to cone 015.

What to do with the mouse house? I am leaning toward popping it someplace, out of the way, in the garden.

Interesting Plants Today

Albuca namaquensis

The first sprouts of my new Albuca.



Senecio articulatus

And the first leaves of my Senecio articulatus


Kalanchoe fang Cuttings with New Growth


Variegated Agave

Last week I cleaned up the insect infestation on the little agave. I left the plant sitting on the floor just inside the greenhouse. Today I found that someone had taken a bite.

Crazy, since I recently found out that I am allergic to agave. Still have a rash on my arm from contact. How is it possible that an animal could eat it?

Agave Variegated


2018 March–Brachychiton Pods Found in Home Depot Parking Lot

Brachychiton Pod

2018 April–Planted Brachychiton Seed

2020 October The Largest of the Trees

Brachychiton Tree

Billbergia nutans and Rats

Nearly all the Billbergia nutans flowers have been eaten in the back garden.

Bromeliad Damage

Bromeliad Damage

Bromeliad Damage

Who did it? We have had families of squirrels, mice, and roof rats hanging out in the gardens.

I baited our humane traps with orange peel, peanut butter, and seeds.


Now I wait…

Checked the traps at 7:00 pm. A rat ran down the tree from the bird feeder, but the trap was empty.

This is what I found in the trap in the back garden.


Day 2 7:50 pm. Rat two capture. Noticed that nearly all of the orange peel and seed is gone. Must have been a hungry little one.


Day 4 6:50 pm Rat three. He is quite calm considering he was trapped.


Day 5 7:54 pm Rat 4. The largest rat we have found in the trap.

Rat 4

Rat 4

Day 6 5:45 pm Rat 5, part of a family of three little ones. Waiting to catch at least one more, don’t want to send such a small rat into its new location on its own. While I was waiting to trap an least one of the other wee rats, number 5 managed to escape in the garage.

Rat 5

Rat 5

Day 6 7:30 pm Rat 6 and 7
Rat 6
Rat 7

Rats 6 and 7 are in a tall trash can, topped with a lid.
Baited both traps and placed them near captured 6 and 7.

Rat 5 recaptured. He is in the container with Rats 6 and 7. Rats 6 and 7 and in a little furry pile.

Day 7 Rat 8 8:50 PM, the largest rat yet.

Rat 8

Bromeliad Tucked In

Bromeliad Tucked In

Bromeliad Blooming

Information on Billbergia nutans–San Marcos Growers