Work in Progress–Mom Penny Memorial

The memorial piece will have a penny dated for each year of my mother’s life.

I have a stash of pennies, but did not have one for each year from 1930 to 2018. Found a coin shop in town that had reasonably priced pennies to complete the piece.

Stacks of pennies

Interesting that 1943 is a steel penny.

1943 Steel Penny


Loom Knitting Pleated Pattern with Undyed Wool


Today will have completed 35 rows of 89 rows for the pennies. Will need to knit a bit more for overlap.

When the loom knitting is done, the pennies attached, and important years indicated, a box will be made of cedar as a home for the memorial piece.

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Tim 50th Birthday

Normally I would work all day to complete a project. But I have to limit my (repetitive) working time to five rows per day. I had surgery on my hand in June, with some working too much too soon complications. Developed scar tissue with extreme sensitivity. Still working to gain back finger strength and manual dexterity.

Dash enjoyed helping with my favorite desensitizing therapy.

Desensitizing Therapy

What I Found While Watering My Gardens

A wee lizard was trapped in a five gallon pot of sunflowers. Its feet were slipping and sliding on the plastic surface preventing him from escaping the pot.


I placed a wood shim near the lizard. The texture of the wood helped it climb out of the pot. The shim is 1.75″ wide.




Concerned that the lizard might need some water, I placed a rock in an applesauce cup with a little water.



After I get past…it is not a snake, I welcome lizards to live in my gardens.