Who is Left/Loss Piece in Progress

There are three wool blocks used in the piece–lightest is for spacers, tan is for dashes, and brown is for dots.

The quote is based on a Henning Mankell quote, “Who is left to connect me to my earlier life?”

Who Is Left

The removal of the safety pins is based on tap code or a 5×5 code. The code is the single word, “Loss”. An A is 1,1; L is 3,1; O is 3,4; and S is 4,3.

The image shows the removal of safety pins for the letter “S”. A single safety pin is left as a spacer between the four and three removed in the middle row.


Pete Buttigieg-gun violence

Second Democratic Debate

“Well, this epidemic of gun violence has hit my community, too, far too many times. That’s the worst part of being Mayor, getting the phone call, consoling grieving parents. We have a mass shootings worth of killings everyday in this country.”

”What we’re doing hasn’t worked, because we haven’t had a system in Washington capable of delivering what the American people have told us they want. 90% of Republicans want universal background checks, not to mention the common sense solutions like red flag laws that disarm domestic abusers and flag mental health risks. And an end to assault weapons, things like what I carried overseas in uniform, that have no business in American neighborhoods in peacetime, let alone anywhere near a school.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg South Bend, Indiana

Pete for America, 2020

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand–white privilege

Second Democratic Debate

“…And I can talk to those white women in the suburbs that voted for Trump and explain to them what white privilege actually is, that when their son is walking down a street with a bag of M&Ms in his pocket wearing a hoodie, his whiteness is what protects him from not being shot.

When their child has a car that breaks down, and he knocks on someone’s door for help… it is his whiteness that protects him from being shot.


Gillibrand 2020