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Trapped Cactus

Friday, December 28th, 2018

Apparently a decision was made to landscape the area where the Trapped Cactus was growing. At first glance I thought the cactus had been totally removed.

Trapped Cactus

Closer look, the Trapped Cactus is stilling growing sandwiched between the chain linked fence and the reed privacy fence.

Trapped Cactus

What a resilient plant! What a relief that it still lives.

Impulse Buy and What to do With Them

Sunday, December 16th, 2018

I was in Michaels looking for a bead needle and ran across ceramic bunny beads. They made me smile. After finding a bead needle, I went back to look at the bunny beads.

What do you do with an impulse buy?

First I made a pair of earrings.

Rabbit Beads

Then another pair of earrings.

Rabbit Beads

Made a necklace with the beads strung on linen.

Rabbit Beads

The thing is, I really don’t wear jewelry, especially cute jewelry.

When I am not working in the studio or garden, I wear a necklace that I made with a pair of pewter magnolia earrings.

Necklace and Earrings

The necklace is waxed linen cord with a bound holey rock from a NY Day visit to Shell Beach. My wedding band. Part of a pair of bunny earrings. One earring lost at a garden supply shop. The earrings were a gift from my husband. And a small locket my niece gave me. It is funny that I actually gave her the locket years earlier for Christmas. The locket has a photo of my husband and Nora, a bunny who lived with us. Everything is sentimental.


December 21st will be the 4th anniversary of the death of Nora, the sweet little bunny who lived with us.

Back to the impulse buy, finally I made this bobble.
Rabbit Beads

It is closer to my work and my necklace. I like the combination of a spring and black safety pin.

When would I ever wear it? I tried fastening it to a jacket, that didn’t work. I tried fastening it to the laces of shoes. That didn’t work.

Last night I hung the bobble in the kitchen. It is too small to be on its own.

Rabbit Beads

This morning had an idea for the bunny beads. Leaning toward stringing the beads together with Birch twigs, safety pins, and linen fiber. Could hang them from the kitchen spice rack filled with bunnies. Seems like it could be a fitting solution.

More Agave Photos

Sunday, December 16th, 2018




Solanum pyracanthum at the local Farm Supply

Thursday, December 6th, 2018

Solanum pyracanthum

Solanum pyracanthum Label

Solanum pyracanthum Leaves

Solanum pyracanthum Thorns

Solanum pyracanthum with Bee

The plant looks dangerous, but is it toxic? According to Wikipedia it is.

Solanum pyracanthum on Wikipedia.

The plant contains toxic tropane alkaloids in its leaves, stem and fruit and therefore should be considered dangerous to humans.

Did I purchase it? Nope. I like the idea of plants with thorns, but I do not like to work around them.

First Glance–Looked Like A Caterpillar

Tuesday, December 4th, 2018

Hibiscus trionum stem

Hibiscus trionum stem

Images of Hibiscus trionum Life Cycle
Hibiscus trionum buds

Hibiscus trionum flower

Hibiscus trionum flower detail

Hibiscus trionum spent flower

Hibiscus trionum seed pod

Hibiscus trionum seed pod