Last night I noticed my Drimiopsis was looking a bit droopy. *I suspect I accidentally watered it.


Considering the normal habitat, probably too much moisture.

There was a new leaf in mid August.
Drimiopsis New Leaf

That leaf felt like the plant had been over watered. I removed the new leaf to prevent the possibility of rot.

Last night I removed the plant from its terra cotta pot and wrapped the roots in soft tissue.

Drimiopsis Drooping Leaves /></p>
<p>The soil did not seem damp but felt cool to the touch.<br />
<img decoding=

The roots were not near the bottom of the pot, but pretty sure too much moisture is the problem.

*I have the plants without saucers on wire racks. For some reason I had moved the Drimiopsis to one of the second shelves.


Studio Plant Shelves photo taken 26 July 2020

Thinking maybe there was drainage from a plant above.

The possible good news is the bulb is still firm.


Drimiopsis 17 July 2020 shortly after its arrival and potting.

Plants of the World Online | Kew Science


Dandelions are a particular favorite of my bunnies. Thought I would try to grow some.

Today I noticed something wrong with the dandelions. My first thought was ash from the wildfires. When I took a closer look, I realized that wasn’t the problem.





Cotton swab dampened with alcohol.


Bit disappointed that I will need to dispose of their dandelions.

Completed–Be Yourself

Quote Used–Be Yourself; everyone else is already taken.
On a bazillion sites the quote is attributed to Oscar Wilde. According to Wilde folks, he did not write it or say it.


Top Portion–Be Yourself;>
I layout out the code multiple ways to make sure that I really want to use it. I often use an old version of Flash to layout my projects. I like Flash because I make symbols and it is easy peasy to replace them.

The code is based on Morse Code.
Morse Code

Morse Code

Left to Right–Dot, Spacer, Dash



Center Section is Bargello Embroidery

Bottom Portion–Everyone else is already taken.

Completed Piece
Be Yourself

Border in rust yarn is based on tap code. The code is–Not an Oscar Wilde Quote

Tap code is a 5 x 5 code with k and c the same code.

Tap Code

Be Yourself Border and Hanger

The hanger is not a rod it is a piece of tubing that showed up after my husband did an annual on his Cessna. I believe is used for the brake lines.

Be Yourself Border and Hanger
I stitched on a layer of grey felt to the back of the piece to prevent seeing the wall through, but also to add a sleeve for the hanger (based on quilt hangers), and to add a pocket. The pocket is for notes on the piece. It is common for me to forget the quote used in a piece. Find myself needing to read the code to figure out the quote. The plan is to pop the information on the code and decisions made into the pocket.

Firefighter Crew in SLO–Thank You, We Are Grateful…

…for the excellent work and quick response to the fire near our home.





KSBY News Coverage

SLO City Fire Department

September 6th, Morning After the Fire
Firefighters were bulldozing the area until 10 pm and worked through the night extinguishing embers.

September 10th, Photos Taken at 10:00 am
Wasn’t able to check out the fire damage because the hiking trail is closed.
Yep, the sky is orange.

South Hills Fire

South Hills Fire

South Hills Fire