Beware of Ticks

While grooming Bailey, my house bunny I found a tick. It was dead, but it was a tick. This is the third tick that I have recently found on him.


Here’s the thing—Bailey never spends time outside, so the tick had to have been brought into the house by one of his human friends.

Our vet has stated that there isn’t a tick treatment for bunnies. Preventive measures is the only solution.

In the future any time that we spend outside working in the garden or hiking, all clothing worn must be changed before coming in contact with Bailey.

A couple of sites with good information about ticks.

TickEncounter Resource Center University of Rhode Island

Larisa Vredevoe, Ph.D, Department of Entomology, University of California, Davis
Ticks Commonly Encountered In California

This is the tick in a sink full of water. They totally creep me out.

Vintage Wavers As Potential Art Material

While cleaning and clearing out stuff in my studio I ran across a small bag of vintage wavers. They were a gift from my grandmother in the late 70s. I had always thought that she had naturally wavey hair.

I can’t remember the number of times that I packed and unpacked that little bag of wavers. Always saving them because they were a gift. Rather than taking a photo and discarding them, I decided to use them in my work.

Here’s what happened—had just read a blog post about making rope vessels on The Red Thread. Then I was looking through my stash of fiber and there was some beautiful nettle.

Wavers, Rope Vessels, Nettle.

Made loops on either end of the first batch of wavers and attached them loop into loop and a twist. Started binding and stitching the wavers together leaving the frayed ends exposed.


Gray Detail

 Gray Inside

Gray Outside

There were enough wavers to make three small pieces, one with gray wavers and two with brown.

The wavers were wrapped and bound with nettle fiber, while leaving the ends for interest. The technique is similar to looping.

Brown 1 Process

Brown 1 Detail

Brown 1 Interior

Brown 1 Exterior

A box will be built for the two similar pieces and the third which is more cup-like will most likely be attached to a base to become a goblet.

Brown 2 Outside

Brown 2 Inside

Hemp was substituted for nettle in the cup piece. The hemp has been unused in my stash for several years because it always seemed too stiff to use in previous pieces. It was softened a bit by running a length a couple of times over the edge of my work table.

Plant Fluffies

My first experience with plant fluffies was with dandelions and milkweed. I adopted this plant with little knowledge of its growing cycle. I was delight to see its fluffies.

Daisy Fluffies

I am not keen on red flowers, so I placed the potted plant next to the greenhouse. Every time I look out to see the backyard garden, I receive a bold and cheerful greeting.