Grass Piece

Cut Grass

Cut Grass

Cut Grass Prepared for Piece

Prepared Grass for Piece

The grass is similar to velcro. It sticks to itself, to fingers, to clothing, and to the bamboo crochet thread that I am using.

Grass Piece in Progress

The first grass was bound to the bottom of the hardware cloth covering 5 rows.

Grass Piece in Progress

Next, five rows of grass were bound horizontally from right to left.

Grass Piece in Progress

The piece in progress.

Grass Piece in Progress

The cut grass project has 150 bound pieces:
75 (5 bound pieces over 15 columns) and 75 (3 bound pieces over 25 rows).

Grass Piece in Progress

Cut Grass Piece Detail

This is what the grass looks like in the garden today. Unfortunately, the grass that I used does not seem to be changing to the gorgeous colors like the grass left to dry naturally in the garden.
Grass in Garden

Unidentified Sprout

September 19th, 2015 I planted Bird of Paradise seeds.

Bird of Paradise Flats

I have been watering the flats, patiently waiting for some sign of life.

Then I found two very small plants emerging. Should be interesting to see what they become. Well, if they survive.

Sprout 1

Sprout 2

Can’t believe that they could possibly be Bird of Paradise. So what are they? Volunteer plants and oak trees pop up in my potted plants and gardens, thanks to the blue jays.

Now I wait. Gardening does require learning to be patient.

Brachychiton Seed Planting

Brachychiton Pods

Brachychiton Pods

Brachychiton Seeds With Fuzz

Brachychiton Seeds With Fuzzy Coating

Brachychiton Seeds Fuzz Removed

Brachychiton Seeds, Fuzzy Coating Removed

Bottles for Soaking Seeds

Bottles for Soaking, Seeds, and Smoke Primer.

Removing Smoke Primer

Removing Smoke Primer Paper

Pods and Seeds Soaking

Empty Pods. Seeds Soaking in Smoke Water. Seeds Soaking in Hot Water.

Seeds in Planting Mixes

The Seeds Were Soaked for 24 Hours Before Planting. Seeds in Planting Mixes.
One Tray for Seeds Soaked in Smoke. One Tray for Seeds Soaked in Hot Water.

Planting Mixes

Planting Mixes Used

Brachychiton Empty Pods

Brachychiton Empty Pods