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Burgundy Plum in Flower

Thursday, April 29th, 2021


 Bee on Plum

Apple Trees

Sunday, April 25th, 2021

Cripps Pink, Pink Lady

Apple Cripps Pink

Apple Tree with Three Types of Apples: Anna, Fuji, and Dorsett Golden

Apple Anna


Apple Fuji

Bee Showing Interest in Pink Lady Flowers

Apple Anna with Bee

Salix 2021 April 20

Sunday, April 25th, 2021





A Tad Root Bound

Wednesday, April 21st, 2021

This is what I found when I was about to pop this little plant in the garden…

Succulent Root Bound

…and found it was somewhat root bound. After I found the condition of the plant, I popped it back in the pot. Needed to dig a larger hole.

Succulent Root Bound

Succulent Root Bound

Hope it likes its new home.

Succulent Root Bound

Little Bit of Yellow

Tuesday, April 13th, 2021


Succulent Yellow Flowers

Succulent Yellow Flowers

Salvia Yellow Flowers

Memorial Bowl

Sunday, April 11th, 2021

Every year on April 11th, I do something to acknowledge my nephew’s date of birth. When my nephew was 17 he had a major surgery. He survived the surgery, but died later that day.

This year feeling a bit done in, perhaps it is partially to do with the past year and the daily COVID news. I recently was fortunate to receive my first Pfizer jab. It is a bit of a relief that I am in the system.

The piece evolved from a celebration to a memorial piece for the loss of nephew, dad, sister, and mother.

Memorial Bowl Photo–Mom, Dad, Kathy

Memorial Bowl Photo–Kathy

Memorial Bowl Photo–Rick

The code on the bowl has my nephew’s, dad’s, sister’s, and mom’s DOB and DOD.

Memorial Bowl Detail Code

Memorial Bowl Placed on Box Filled With Family Keepsakes
Memorial Bowl New Home

Materials List
Wool, Safety Pins, Roofing Felt, Photos Printed on Paper, Fabric Stiffener (Corn Starch and Water)

Amaryllis and Drying Seed Pod

Friday, April 9th, 2021

Amaryllis Plant

Amaryllis Stem

Amaryllis Seed Pod

Amaryllis Seed Pod Empty Section

Amaryllis Seeds

Amaryllis Stacked Seeds

Attempt at Seed Propagation April 9, 2021

Amaryllis Seeds

Dampened Paper Towels
Amaryllis Seeds Paper Towels

Amaryllis Pots

May 5, 2021

This morning I found several Amaryllis seeds have sprouted. What a nice gift!

Amaryllis seed

Amaryllis seed

I potted up 12 sprouted seeds then placed the pots in a slightly opened plastic bag to retain moisture and humidity.

Amaryllis seed potted
Ran out of pots. Used some of my stash of applesauce containers. Popped holes in the bottom of the applesauce containers for drainage.

Amaryllis seed potted

20210511 Amaryllis Seed

Amaryllis seed

Dolorous Time Piece

Wednesday, April 7th, 2021

My mother’s name was Dolores, not exactly pronounced the same as Dolorous, but I like that the definition is great sorrow.

April 8th is 3 years since we found my mother after the first of her strokes. She died on May 15th. I have been having a difficult time with grief this year. Decided to try to work it out in the studio. I recently worked on a software project, needed images of watch/clock faces for time. When I went through my mother’s things I found two identical watches and one similar. She must have really liked that style of watch.

Dolorous Time Piece

The first watch has code for my brother and his birthdate, the center for me, and the right one for my sister. The watch used for my brother and sister have a date function, they are set at 15. The sections of the band were bound with black waxed linen for birthdates. The knotted fobs have code for names.

The black code above the watches–Great Loss Stops Time. Doesn’t really, but it should.

The woven section has the code–Vertical strands are my mother’s date of birth, the horizontal her date of death.

Dolorous Time Piece

Dolorous Time Piece

The knotted piece on the right has the code for–grandson, husband, daughter. The great losses during her life.

Dolorous Time Piece

I was relieved to complete the piece, forgot to document it. I have it hung in her room. Unfortunately not much light. I used museum wax to make sure it doesn’t move about making it difficult to remove from the wall to take photos.

It was challenging to make the piece. When Michaels was moving to a new location, I bought a bunch of birch panels and frames for cheap. I used stain, paint, vinegar steel wool/salt, oil sticks baking soda attempting to age the wood. I was very close to burying the frame in the garden. After sanding it the umpteenth time, I applied a matte black spray paint. Seems okay with the black linen cord and the silver of the watches.

The tacks should have been easy peasy to attach the parts. Loads of resistance. What was really cheap delayed completing the piece at least a week. The challenge was welcome and was distracting.

Amaryllis Seed Pod Removal

Monday, April 5th, 2021

Amaryllis Open Pod

Amaryllis Pod

Amaryllis Seeds Removed

Amaryllis Removed Seeds

Amaryllis Stem

Easter and Spring Flowers

Sunday, April 4th, 2021

Happy Easter

Solandra Buds and First Flower of the Season

Solandra Bud

Solandra Bud

Solandra Bud

Solandra Flower

Solandra Detail

Passiflora Buds and Flower


Amaryllis Opened Pod

Amyrillis Pod

Amyrillis Pod