A New Little Project–Monarch Caterpillars

I was away for a few weeks. When I returned, the first garden task was to cut the milkweed plants to the ground. I cut the first one. And just as I was about to cut the second plant I saw a small monarch caterpillar. Shouldn’t really be here in December. The temperature was to drop to the high 30s, so I cut some milkweed leaves and placed them and the caterpillar in a small jar.

Cat in Jar


Every day I clean the jar. Then replace the dried milkweed leaves with fresh cut leaves.

The caterpillar is still small, but I suspect it is twice the size it was when I found it.

I hope that it completes the caterpillar part of the cycle before I run out of milkweed leaves.

2017 December 29 Update
When cutting leaves for the little cat, I found another one. I brought it in. Now there are two.


2018 January 02 Update
Ran out of Milkweed leaves to feed to the Monarch caterpillars. Google search found several Monarch sites suggesting the use of slices of squash, pumpkin, and cucumbers as an alternative food source.


Sliced Squash

Jar Set Up

Squash in New Jar Set Up

Cats in Jar

Caterpillars in Jar with Squash

Cat on Squash

An Hour in New Home
Caterpillar Tasting Squash

2018 January 04 Update


2018 January 05 Update

Squash Eaten

Caterpillar Eaten Squash

Fresh Squash

Fresh Squash and Clean Room

Texas Butterfly Ranch

Butterfly Fun Facts

Monarch Grove Pismo Beach, California/a>