Thinking of You Greeting

My niece is in an PhD/MD program. She is now a PhD doctor and recently started her medical rotations. Since she will have no time for gardening or much of anything other than work. I made her a little greeting with a few dried plants from my gardens.

Interesting that I did not use any code. Good thing?

The monoprints are peculiar in that they are not my typical palette. Well, when I was working in clay I used some lead glazes that resulted in gorgeous orange surfaces.

I used a sealant on the pages that was to have been matte. The shiny surfaces made it complicated to take photos. I repeatedly took them, over and over and over. Need to mail the card today. Time to stop.

These were taken on a piece of cork, near a north east window, with diffused light.

Alex Card

Alex Card

Alex Card

Alex Card

Alex Card

Alex Card

Alex Card

Alex Card

Alex Card

Alex Card

Alex Card

Alex Card

Alex Card

Alex Card

Alex Card

Alex Card

Popcorn Seedlings

I was pleasantly surprised that I now have corn seedlings. I purchased a package of corn seed for use as part of a Thanksgiving card. Even though I attempted to use the seeds in a card, the seeds were still viable.

Corn Seedling

Corn Seed Packet

Corn Seeds

I ended up using pumpkin seeds that I harvested in 2011.

Pumpkin Seeds

Thanksgiving Card

The lyrics are from a Thanksgiving song that was popular when I was in elementary school.

Lyrics–Henry Alford, 1810-1871
Music–George J. Elvey, 1816-1893

Botanical Interests offer great seed in gorgeously illustrated packets.

Ideas for Birthday Greeting

Bargello Embroidery

Bargello Design 1

Too Busy and Cannot See the Bargello Stitch
Bargello Design 2

Bargello with Birthdates in Code

Thought adding coded birthdays to Bargello design would be fun. It is too busy. Difficult to read the code and the Bargello design.

Bargello with Dates

First Version Lucky Penny

There is a piece of tree wrap stitched to the back.
The piece is too small for the card.

Luck Penny Version 1

Completed Greeting–Lucky Penny

Completed Greeting

Detail of Lucky Penny Code
Dark Brown is used for dots, tan for dashes, cream is used for spacers. The code it stitched in vertically–first column is L, second U…

Detail of Lucky Penny Code

Detail of 1960 Lucky Penny

Detail of 1960 Penny

Card Interior Label

Lucky Penny Label

Greeting Ready for Shipping

A piece of foam is tucked inside to support the weight of the embroidered piece.

Foam Piece Inside Card

The card is wrapped with two layers covering the embroidered piece with the penny.

Wrapped Card for Shipping