Fungus Found in Soil of Potted Plants

Today I found fungus growth in a few of my recently repotted plants. The potting mix is a combination of peat, bark, decomposed granite, and pea gravel. The potting mix for a few plants that are not succulents, had the addition of a manufactured cactus mix.





Removed From Two Potted Plant



Evening–Found more potted plants with evidence of fungi.

When I opened the soil bin, this is what I found.
Did not see the fungi when I used the cactus soil as part of a soil potting mix.
Just finished repotting every plant that I used the soil potting mix.

Gosh, it was a lot of work to clean the plants and scrub and disinfect the pots, make a potting mix, and repot all of the plants. Good that only a few plants were potted up the day I used the soil potting mix.

Crassula capitella Red Pagoda and Mealybugs

Nearly all of my Crassula capitella Red Pagoda have these–

Pagoda Insects


I cleaned the plants and placed them in the plant hospital in the upstairs bathroom. Plan to give the plants a little time to see if more mealybugs surface. If they do I will dispose of the plants.

Crassula capitella Red Pagoda

The day I brought the Crassula capitella Red Pagoda home in 2018. It is the plant on the right.

The Echeveria Black Knight today–

Echeveria Black Knight

Gulf Fritillary Butterfly

Attempted to take a photo of a Gulf fritillary butterfly that visited my courtyard garden.

All of the photos were blurry. Wouldn’t pause long enough to see its wing detail.

Gulf Fritillary butterfly

Just as I put my phone in my pocket, it flew around my head and landed on a Passiflora leaf. I put my hand down next to it.

Its antenna stroked my finger. Much cooler than a photo!
It is important to live in the moment, to contemplate something beautiful.