Interesting Plants Today

Albuca namaquensis

The first sprouts of my new Albuca.



Senecio articulatus

And the first leaves of my Senecio articulatus


Kalanchoe fang Cuttings with New Growth


Variegated Agave

Last week I cleaned up the insect infestation on the little agave. I left the plant sitting on the floor just inside the greenhouse. Today I found that someone had taken a bite.

Crazy, since I recently found out that I am allergic to agave. Still have a rash on my arm from contact. How is it possible that an animal could eat it?

Agave Variegated


2018 March–Brachychiton Pods Found in Home Depot Parking Lot

Brachychiton Pod

2018 April–Planted Brachychiton Seed

2020 October The Largest of the Trees

Brachychiton Tree


I went to Home Depot today to pick up a couple of bags of concrete. While there I stopped by the plant department to look around. As I walked through the department I saw these shockingly ugly succulents.

Painted Succulents

Painted Succulents

Painted Succulents

What possesses folks to do this to plants? Why would anyone want to buy them?
If folks want brightly colored plastic looking plants, they should buy plastic plants.

Succulents should be appreciated for their natural beauty.

Insect Infestation of a Variegated Agave

This morning I noticed that my little variegated agave had some yellowing sections. I first thought it might be the result of too much sun, not enough water, or maybe both.

Agave and Aphids

Agave and Aphids

On closer inspection I found an insect infestation.

Agave and Aphids

Agave and Aphids

Agave and Aphids

I used a solution of water, alcohol, and Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap to remove the insects with cotton swabs.

Agave and Aphids

Agave and Aphids

Agave and Aphids

Agave and Aphids

Agave and Aphids

Agave and Aphids

The agave was placed in a sheltered space in the greenhouse away from other plants.

How did I miss the start of the insect infestation? I have not been venturing out much because of COVID and the lousy air quality from the California wildfires. Not able to care properly for my gardens.

It is not unexpected to have insects, especially spider mites, in my gardens. We haven’t had rain for months. I did miss seasons and those all day rains that can occur in the Midwest and Pacific Northwest.

Agaves Allergic Reaction
Last week I began striping fiber from a dried agave leaf for possible use in a piece. What I found was the fiber was really too thin and that I am allergic to agave. I still have red welts on my arm. Today I tried to wear gloves when working on the little variegated agave, but it was too difficult to access small spaces. After I finished work, I washed my hands throughly several times. So far, no symptoms of an allergic reaction.

Agave Dermatitis UCLA Health

I Voted

I was diagnosed with lung disease last year. Since March I rarely venture out. Not worth the risk of becoming ill or dying.

Rather than voting in person, I requested a ballot.

Received the CA General Election Information Guide.


Read through the pros and cons for the 12 Props. Marked my decision in the Information Guide.

I visited Voter’s Edge CA to read candidate statements running for local and state office, and information on the Measure to increase sales tax in SLO.

My requested ballot arrived. I sat at my desk and safely voted.

How do you return the ballot? It could have been mailed in the official postage-paid envelope. There are more than a dozen VBM Ballot Drop Boxes located throughout SLO county. My ballot was deposited in the VBM Drop Box at the SLO Clerk-Recorder Office.

In a few days, I plan to use tracking to make sure my ballot was not rejected for any reason.


Voting has always been easy in SLO, CA. When I voted in person, I rarely waited more than 10 minutes before receiving a ballot. It is outrageous that people in other states in our country must wait in line for hours to cast their votes.

Voting should be safe and easy for every person in every state especially during this election when there is a pandemic.