Dropped Leaves



The color of the leaves is definitely not right.
I took the photo with my iPad in my studio.
The color of the leaves should be a grey green.


Flip side of the small leaf.
When I gathered the leaves I noticed that they felt soft and very warm.
Like a thick bunny ear.


The leaves collect everything.
It is common for earwigs to live all cozy in the top leaves.
I give the leaves a weekly cleaning with a soft bristle brush.

Four leaves fell. I am drying two and the other two are sitting in a glycerin solution, just to see what happens.

Art material? Molds or stitching?

What’s Growing?

I planted two Tabebuia seeds each in five peat pots, 6 November 2016. I went away for three weeks in March. Before I left I watered the pots and then wrapped them in plastic.

Today I did not find Tabebuia growing, but found something green.


Do I pot up the growth or wait to see if Tabebuia plants surface?

Make Mine Chocolate


Make Mine Chocolate is a campaign to educate and deter folks from purchasing bunnies for Easter. Often those bunnies end up in shelters after a few months or worse, released to fend for themselves.

Rabbits should not be an impulse buy. When properly cared for a domestic rabbit can live over 10 years. That is a commitment.

There are loads of stuffed plush bunnies that can be left alone in a room, do not require food, or veterinary care.

Or stick to purchasing chocolate bunnies.

Bob, the lovebird in the photo was rescued. He was found flying in my garden on a Sunday afternoon in June of 2016. We attempted to catch him with no luck. The next afternoon he returned. I wrote a post about how we were able to capture him.

We were unable to locate his family. So, he has found a forever home with us, two bunnies, and a cockatiel.

Recently, a family member mentioned seeing a flock of lovebirds in a nearby park. We haven’t yet visited the park. Someday we might check it out.

Trapped Cactus Update

June of 2016 I wrote a post about a trapped cactus. The cactus was growing near a chain-link fence. When the property was sold, the new owners had a privacy fence installed in front of the chain-link fence. The result was the cactus sandwiched between the chain-link fence and the privacy fence.


This was the plant in June of 2016.


This is the plant today.

Cactus Buds

In spite of its living conditions, the plant has numerous buds.

It is sad to see the cactus’ situation, but encouraging to see that in spite of everything it appears to be thriving.

Updated Bunny Ornament and Elliot

In September I noticed a little bunny ornament was being crushed by a tree. This is the way it looked before I removed it.

Bunny Ornament

It actually took some digging. When I freed the little bunny, I discovered that part of its head was missing.

What do you do with a rabbit ornament that has a broken head and missing ear?

I gave it a quick spray with black paint, nothing fussy. Then filled the opening with a succulent.

I now know why resin garden ornaments are so heavy? This little guy was filled with small pebbles.

Bunny Ornament

Before Elliot came to live with us, I would never have thought about black for a bunny.


I am so glad she came to live with us. She is a delightful furry one.