Book–Second Bradbury quote

Ray Badbury quote–There is more than one way to burn a book. And the world is full of people running about with lit matches.




This is the second time I used burnt matches for binary code. The large single matches on a card are spacers between words.

Do the colors of the cards mean anything? Yes, modified Morse code. The layout is the repeated word Read.

Page 1 There is more
Bradbury2_Page 1

Page 2 than one way
Bradbury2_Page 2

Page 3 to burn a book
Bradbury2_Page 3

Page 4 . And the
Bradbury2_Page 4

Page 5 world is full
Bradbury2_Page 5

Page 6 of people
Bradbury2_Page 6

Page 7 running about
Bradbury2_Page 7

Page 8 with lit
Bradbury2_Page 8

Page 9 matches.
Bradbury2_Page 9

Envelope for Notes on Piece
Bradbury2_Notes 1

Bradbury2_Notes 2

Materials–Monoprints, rust paper, paper, burnt matches, clip nuts, safety pins, metal, waxed linen, cotton, pit-fired bead.


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