Work in Progress–Thoughts

2020 Goal

Complete all work in progress.

Completed stitching together Thoughts piece. Today I will be adding cream wool stitching around entire piece.


Read a couple of weaving books over the holidays and liked the idea of warp threads used to hang woven pieces.

Planning to twine jute twine vertically through the hardware cloth. Yes, I meant to use the word twine twice. Currently thinking attaching the jute warp threads to a thin metal rod. I like the visual of a couple of nail heads holding the lot on the wall.



Also will add a piece of jute-wrapped rope for the border. Should help to integrate the materials and nicely finish the piece.

This is the border on See a Penny.

Border See a Penny

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More wallpieces to complete.

Work in Progress

Also have a stash of small 3-D work in progress that needs to be realized.

Weaving on a Little Loom by Fiona Daly

Weaving Within Reach by Anne Weil

In the post I use the words twine and twice. The words look similar. Not just because they start and finish with the same letters, but because the figure-ground is nearly identical. I authored a CD, Appearances can be Deceiving that focuses on figure-ground relationships in a variety of customizable settings.
The CD is available for purchase through Learning Fundamentals.

Christmas Ornaments and More


German Blown Glass Ornament


German Blown Glass Ornament


German Blown Glass Ornament


German Blown Glass Ornament with Star Wire Hanger

Enamel Rabbit Ornament

Enamel Bunny Ornament

Enamel Rabbit Ornament

Vintage Family Ornament

Vintage Family Ornament from the 50s

Favorite Drugstore Ornament

Favorite Drugstore Find

Carved Rabbit Ornament

Carved, Up All Year Ornament

Carved Rabbit in Spice Rack

Carved Rabbit in Kitchen Spice Rack

Carved Rabbit Ornament

Carved Mate, Up All Year Ornament

Carved Rabbit in Spice Rack

Carved Rabbit in Kitchen Spice Rack


Lantern Christmas Gift Decorated by My Niece, Nephew, and Their Dad

Ornaments in Freezer

Happy New Year from Shell Beach

It was a beautiful day at the beach…


until the rogue wave got me!

After Rogue Wave

John was in the moment and missed the shot.

The wave was so powerful, I thought it was going to topple me over.
Had to empty my boots three times!

Dangerous Waves Persist Along Central Coast Beaches

The high surf persists along the Central Coast, where the advisory issued Tuesday has evolved into a warning.

Breaking waves are expected to be 15 to 20 feet tall and swimming is considered dangerous. The risk of drowning is exceptionally high due to the strong rip current.

I checked the tide app and read the tide report.

How did I not read about this before visiting the beach???