New Year 2012

2012 January 1

The tradition continues with a trip to the beach on the first day of the new year. It was a gorgeous day. The temperature was 75º so the scarf, mittens, and hat I received for Christmas was left at home.


I do love my straw hat. My brother gave it to me when we were in South Carolina for our sister’s wedding in September of 2001. The scarf has been with me even longer.

This year the search for holey rocks continued but the search broadened to include smooth rocks without holes and textured rocks.


My six year old nephew has a collection of over 130 rocks. For Christmas he sent me some of his artwork.

Will's Art

As a thank you, I am sending him some rocks to add to his collection.

Box of Rocks

Going to need a larger box.


1 January 2011

The Beach Tradition


My one tradition is to visit the beach on the first day of January. Take a photo, rather like those yearly school photos. See nature at its best, the dichotomy of creation and destruction by the ocean. And perhaps most important, the search for holey rocks.

Holey/holy, and the superstition that a rock found with a hole in it brings the bearer good luck.