Beware of Ticks

While grooming Bailey, my house bunny I found a tick. It was dead, but it was a tick. This is the third tick that I have recently found on him.


Here’s the thing—Bailey never spends time outside, so the tick had to have been brought into the house by one of his human friends.

Our vet has stated that there isn’t a tick treatment for bunnies. Preventive measures is the only solution.

In the future any time that we spend outside working in the garden or hiking, all clothing worn must be changed before coming in contact with Bailey.

A couple of sites with good information about ticks.

TickEncounter Resource Center University of Rhode Island

Larisa Vredevoe, Ph.D, Department of Entomology, University of California, Davis
Ticks Commonly Encountered In California

This is the tick in a sink full of water. They totally creep me out.

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