Last night I noticed my Drimiopsis was looking a bit droopy. *I suspect I accidentally watered it.


Considering the normal habitat, probably too much moisture.

There was a new leaf in mid August.
Drimiopsis New Leaf

That leaf felt like the plant had been over watered. I removed the new leaf to prevent the possibility of rot.

Last night I removed the plant from its terra cotta pot and wrapped the roots in soft tissue.

Drimiopsis Drooping Leaves /></p>
<p>The soil did not seem damp but felt cool to the touch.<br />
<img decoding=

The roots were not near the bottom of the pot, but pretty sure too much moisture is the problem.

*I have the plants without saucers on wire racks. For some reason I had moved the Drimiopsis to one of the second shelves.


Studio Plant Shelves photo taken 26 July 2020

Thinking maybe there was drainage from a plant above.

The possible good news is the bulb is still firm.


Drimiopsis 17 July 2020 shortly after its arrival and potting.

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