Amaryllis and Drying Seed Pod

Amaryllis Plant

Amaryllis Stem

Amaryllis Seed Pod

Amaryllis Seed Pod Empty Section

Amaryllis Seeds

Amaryllis Stacked Seeds

Attempt at Seed Propagation April 9, 2021

Amaryllis Seeds

Dampened Paper Towels
Amaryllis Seeds Paper Towels

Amaryllis Pots

May 5, 2021

This morning I found several Amaryllis seeds have sprouted. What a nice gift!

Amaryllis seed

Amaryllis seed

I potted up 12 sprouted seeds then placed the pots in a slightly opened plastic bag to retain moisture and humidity.

Amaryllis seed potted
Ran out of pots. Used some of my stash of applesauce containers. Popped holes in the bottom of the applesauce containers for drainage.

Amaryllis seed potted

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