A Possible Change

I am a mixed media artist and have a habit of gathering and keeping “things” because I might need them “sometime.” I tell myself that most of my “stuff” was accumulated as potential art materials. And eventually I do use a lot of the materials or offer them for use by other folks.

Recently I happened on Discardia and found some great advice on how to possibly clean up my life. For me starting small and working a bit at a time is much better than trying to do everything at once. The completion of small jobs will offer me a sense of accomplishment rather than failing to complete everything now. I plan to set a time limit to prevent becoming annoyed that the task is taking time from enjoyable activities.

My first task was to give away recently received gifts that I didn’t want or need. They are perfectly nice gifts for someone else. Check that one off of the list.

Then I read the post, Letting go of our back pages which addresses the issue of too many books. While I was attempting to be rid of some of my books that I had not manage to read for whatever reason, I found myself reading one. Now I am half way through and thinking that I might pick up the next book in the trilogy.

Maybe clearing out the computer books will be an easier task.


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  1. Dinah says:

    At last making time to enjoy a book so much you want to read the next one still sounds like a win to me. :)

    Glad you’re enjoying Discardia and finding it useful!

    Wish I could digitally hand your bunnies the green tops of this batch of carrots. I used to work in an office with someone who had house rabbits and it was always nice to be able to bring treats like that for hers.

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