Washer and Wool Buttons

I am in the the process of making my life a bit lighter. So I tackled three shelves in my clothes closet. Do I really need tee shirts from the 80s and 90s?

I gave my neice the cool shirt that changes color with your body heat and those gift shirts that I never wore.

While I was going through the stacks of shirts, I found a great gray cardigan that had googly eyes for buttons. Since I didn’t have a set of buttons to replace the googly eyes, I grabbed some stainless steel washers and wool and made some Dorset-like buttons.

I started by using a wrap and knot technique. With every wrap, the needle was taken through the loop made during the wrap process.

Loop Through

Button 1

I felt that the result was a bit fussy for the cardigan so I wrapped a washer with wool and bound it to another washer. Then the lot was stitched to the sweater.

Wrap Technique

Button 2

The bulkier button seemed a better fit with the style of the cardigan.

Wool and Washer Buttons

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