The Red Envelope

A couple of days ago I subscribed to the Netflix DVD service specifically because I wanted to see the series, Game of Thrones. When I checked my DVD queue next to the first disc was the dreaded word–Wait. I was disappointed.

Yesterday I received an email that stated the first disc of Game of Thrones would arrive today.

And it did!

I had forgotten how much I love receiving those red envelopes.

I have been using the Netflix streaming service since I gained access to an iPad. The instant gratification of streaming is great, but I missed having access to information about films, directors, screenwriters, and actors that comes with the DVD subscription. I enjoy viewing the body of work by a particular person, or films with a similar theme.

Game of Thrones was on my list because I wanted to see more of Peter Dinklage after viewing The Station Agent.

The other thing that bothered me about having only the streaming service after having both streaming and DVD, was the loss of my DVD queue. Whenever I read about a film that sounded interesting I would add it to my queue. Often those titles appeared in the Saved section.

I did find my queue by accident–

After I signed in to my account I went to the Netflix blog and clicked on the RSS Feed Page.

On the RSS Feeds under Personalized Feeds I clicked on Queue and there was my DVD queue.

I made a copy of it.

Time for popcorn and Game of Thrones.

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