Pink Rabbit

I went to grad school at WSU in Pullman, Washington. One of the first people I met was
Tim Timmerman. We became friends right off, and still are after 20 some years.

While I was cleaning and clearing, I ran across the pink rabbit Tim used as a model for one of the pieces in his grad show. I liked the piece quite a lot. I asked if I could have only the bit with the rabbit painting. The piece was quite large and I didn’t have a place for it. One day a print of the rabbit bit arrived. What a great and thoughtful gift.

There is a tad more to the pink rabbit story. Tim and I would go junking together and on one of our excursions, Tim found the pink rabbit. It was such an enjoyable day.

While removing some of the chaos of possessions from my life, I packed up almost all of the bunny items that I have collected over the years. Couldn’t pack up the pink rabbit. So, I gave him a shelf under the print of the painting.

Pink Rabbit

I was so delighted to find a very cool sketch of a bunny on Tim’s website.

Tim’s Rabbit Sketch

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