Fun Illustration Books

I just found the Illustration School books by Sachiko Umoto. They are very fun. My niece and nephew are enjoying the one I gave to my nephew–

Let’s Draw Cute Animals.

These are some quick snaps of the dust jacket and the page on how to draw a bunny.

Yep, that is a rock form one of trips to the beach.

Illustration School Book

Bunny Pages

There are several books in the series. They would be great for anyone, even adults who would like to learn some simple drawing techniques.

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  1. Connie says:

    Hi Nancy,
    Galen B just sent me the link to your blog.
    I didn’t know you have one. I’m enjoying reading the few posts I’d read so far.

    Just want you to know that Galen and I sometimes talk about your work. Your show at WNC really touched us in ways we didn’t know then. It was one of the best shows, if could be the best show, WNC gallery ever had, in my opinion.


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