Garden Damage and Critters

Every morning this summer the gardens have been damaged. Loads of digging.

Flower Damage

Digging in flower pots.

Four squirrels have moved in.The squirrels have eaten my potted plants, vegetables, and herbs.

Plant Damage

This was a pot of parsley, clover, and chard for my house bunnies.

Missing Bean Plants

Where are the bean plants?

One squirrel sat on a wisteria branch and ate the top of my Norfolk pine.

Are they the ones digging up plants and the patio?

Skunk Damage

We decided that the squirrels needed to be relocated. We set up a humane trap. Placed a cracker with peanut butter inside and waited.

I heard the trap snap close. What did we find? The cracker gone and the trap empty.

Two of the squirrels are quite small, so it could have been one of them.

We put another cracher spread with peanut butter in the trap. Nothing happened.

Last night we forgot to close the trap.

And this morning we found this–

Skunk in Trap

Yep, that is black fur with a white stripe.

We are fortunate to live in a city that has an animal control service. They came and removed the skunk.

What did we learn? The trap is too large for a squirrel. And if we use the trap again, close it or remove it at night.

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