Mended Tecoma stans

I started the Tecoma stans seeds the first week of November.

Tecoma Seeds

Tecoma Seeds

The plants were small, but popped them in the garden a few weeks ago.

I noticed that when the squirrel dug up my garden, for the umpteenth time,

Squirrel Damage

this little plant was broken. Part of the stem was still attached.


I aligned the stem and taped it with cloth tape.
Used a skewer as a splint.
Then a small piece of bamboo as a stake to support the lot.
That was ten days ago.



Mended Plant in New Garden Location a Few Weeks After Mending

My irrigation system needs updating. I am waiting until I get all of the plants transplanted before I update the system. Currently I water the bed by hand. That is a good thing to monitor all of the new plantings. Soon most of the drought tolerant plants and the succulent garden will require only a few waterings per week.

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