A Girl Named Bob

June 20th last year we rescued a lovebird, who came to be known as Bob.


The first week Bob was rescued, she escaped from her room.


Until a few weeks ago we thought Bob was a boy. Now it has been confirmed, she is a girl.

Bob began dancing for The Bird, the cockatiel who lives with us.

The Bird

Then she began shredding everything shreddable which wasn’t unusual. But what was unusual was how much time she spent in her room and how quiet she became. No longer was she the 5:45 am bird alarm.


Because Bob loved to shred and dig around, we put several cracker boxes in the bottom of her room. She made a tunnel through them, and apparently this nest–


that she wasn’t using.

And this space hidden under the boxes that she was using–

Find Under Box

Apparently she even shredded two baskets.


How large are lovebird eggs?


We decided to remove the eggs and all shreddable materials from her space. She seems okay. We will watch to make sure she really is okay. A friend who raised lovebirds, mentioned egg binding. That would be bad.

Today she seems to be her cheerful self.

Now what to do with the eggs. I was thinking about burying them in the garden.

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