Monarch Butterfly Emerged!


The Monarch butterfly remained in the courtyard until nearly 6:00 pm. The last sighting, it was in the top of the Mimosa. Earlier in the day a Monarch butterfly flew through the courtyard. Hope that they found each other and will continue on their journey together.

The chrysalis was attached to a leaf of a potted Brugmansia. I broke off the leaf to get a better look at the empty chrysalis.

Empty Chrysalis

When I was looking at the numerous spider mites, I also noticed a clear caterpillar with a dark head. Altered the image to see the detail a bit more.

Monarch Caterpillar

I am surprised that any of my photos are in focus. Had my eyes dilated during my eye exam yesterday morning.

If it is a Monarch in the early stages, it will be hungry. I placed the Brug leaf in a plastic shoe box with fresh cut milkweed leaves for a snack.

Monarch Caterpillar

The Brugmansia is infested with spider mites. Waiting to give the Brug systemic until the Monarchs are gone. There are 5 additional Monarch caterpillars that have gone missing. Not all will successfully become a chrysalis and transform to become a lovely butterfly. That is one of the reasons why it was so important to see the butterfly emerge.

Brug in Pot

When I am certain they are gone, I will remove all of the leaves, and maybe cut it back as well, before giving it systemic.


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