Found Pods

I went to Home Depot to purchase some hardware cloth. On the way to the car I found some gorgeous seed pods just right there on the ground. A little crushed, but still beautiful.

Seed Pods

I looked around to find the source. At first I couldn’t locate the tree, but then I found loads of pods on the ground beneath a tree. Still find it odd that trees are planted in parking lots. They seem so lonely.

Seed Pods

I did a google image search to find information about the pod. Pretty sure the tree is a Brachychiton. It may be Brachychiton populneus. Need to see the tree in bloom.

Here is a little closer look at the pods.

Seed Pods

The cool thing is that I have had this pod for several years. Can’t recall where I found it. And for some reason I never identified the source of the pod.

Seed Pod

I liked the bark, boat-like pod right off. And inside there are golden seeds covered with fuzz. While reading about Brachychiton populneus, I found this information:

Wear gloves when handling the seed pods to avoid their skin-irritating fuzz.

For a few years, I was an avid gardener. Avid, as in growing most plants from seed, working in the gardens everyday and most of the weekend.

During that time I did not make much in the way of art. I kept thinking that I could not make anything as beautiful as what was growing in my gardens.

I have gotten over that. Now I spend most of my time working in the studio. My gardens have been changed, plants have been removed. And here on the California Central Coast we are still dealing with the drought.

So, how will I use the pods in my work? Don’t know. Need to spend some time with them.

Definitely, considering adding a Brachychiton populneus to my gardens. And of course I will attempt to grow one from some of the seed that I have collected.

More information about Brachychiton populneus–

Brachychiton on Wikipedia

Australian National Herbarium

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