I Voted

I was diagnosed with lung disease last year. Since March I rarely venture out. Not worth the risk of becoming ill or dying.

Rather than voting in person, I requested a ballot.

Received the CA General Election Information Guide.


Read through the pros and cons for the 12 Props. Marked my decision in the Information Guide.

I visited Voter’s Edge CA to read candidate statements running for local and state office, and information on the Measure to increase sales tax in SLO.

My requested ballot arrived. I sat at my desk and safely voted.

How do you return the ballot? It could have been mailed in the official postage-paid envelope. There are more than a dozen VBM Ballot Drop Boxes located throughout SLO county. My ballot was deposited in the VBM Drop Box at the SLO Clerk-Recorder Office.

In a few days, I plan to use tracking to make sure my ballot was not rejected for any reason.


Voting has always been easy in SLO, CA. When I voted in person, I rarely waited more than 10 minutes before receiving a ballot. It is outrageous that people in other states in our country must wait in line for hours to cast their votes.

Voting should be safe and easy for every person in every state especially during this election when there is a pandemic.

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