House Rabbit Roommates

I have lived with house rabbit roommates nearly all of my adult life. Currently our roommates are Nora an 11 year old and Big Baby who is probably 3 or 4.

We found Nora when we were visiting the Farm Supply. She was all alone in a large feed container. I took a look at her and then noticed there was something wrong with her ear. Gave the Farm Supply money and brought her home.


The problem with her ear was a tattoo. Apparently, for whatever reason after she was tattooed she wasn’t wanted.

Big Baby came to live with us in December of 2009. He was probably two years old then. His name was Bailey, but since that is the family name of my husband’s mother, I felt a name change was in order. It took me a month before I came up with Nathanael, Nate for short.


Unfortunately he answers to Baby, so it stuck. My husband calls him Bruiser. He doesn’t answer to that name even when raisins are offered. Baby is the largest rabbit we have lived with. He isn’t overweight, he is really big.

This is a typical breakfast. They are looking a bit scruffy, not because it is early morning, they are in a major shed.

When you live with house bunnies you might notice that they often aren’t where you think they should be. You might find them sitting on the dining room table, or on your desk or bed, or on a chair…

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