See A Penny Continuation

Been busy making apps, so little studio time in the past couple of weeks. Finally some studio time this weekend.

When you are not able to have consistent studio time, sometimes going back to a project means reacquainting yourself with it.


Decided to add wrapped rope to emphasize the grid, to cover the edges of the blocks, and to give more of a quilt-like feel.

I have found that often cotton rope has a synthetic core. I didn’t know however, that cotton Venetian Blind cord is made with a synthetic core as well. And that synthetic isn’t listed on the label. The fellow working in the store said that if it wasn’t on the label it wasn’t in the rope or cord.

I purchased two types, the Venetian Blind cord for the grid and the thicker clothesline rope for the border.

Continuation 1

I cut lengths of sash cord to use for the verticals, then removed the core.

Continuation 2

The main reason that I do not want a synthetic core is because I am planning to use a hot process on the piece. Nylon melts. The removed nylon can be cut up and used in other processes.

I wrapped the lengths of sash cord by first inserting one end of the cotton twine through the sash cord.

Continuation 3

Yep, my fingernails are a bit green. I spent a couple of hours pruning my Brugs and Datura.


Wrapping was done by simply rotating the Venetian Blind cord. When nearly wrapped, I cut the cotton cord, slipped on a needle, and inserted the tail up through and out.

Continuation 4

Before and After Wrapping

Continuation 6

I have a couple of verticals to finish before starting the horizontals, and then adding a border. The wrapped cord needs to be added to the left of the penny blocks.

Continuation 8

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