Penny Piece Yet Again

Last night I completed the verticals and 4 horizontal rows. I have an additional 9 horizontal rows and 2 borders before I can “age” the piece.

Aging can be the most exciting part of the process because it can be somewhat destructive. It takes the “newness” edge off of the work while integrating the materials and giving the work a sense of history.

Verticals CU

This was prior to completing the verticals and beginning the horizontals.


First Horizontals

This weekend I am planning to test patina and wax techniques. I also need to decide how to hang the piece. Box it or not. I do love boxes and have a tendency to want to box up everything.

My love for boxes started with the empty box as the piece.


Adele is part of my Avian Headbox series


The box element of my Tools for Rent or dagger series was for protection, storage, and presentation.

Wholly Luck

I opened up the box for Wholly Luck which is part of my Make Your Own Luck series

My website is Nancy Scarry Girl Artist is my take on Wile E. Coyote Super Genius.

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