Rusty Tussock Moth – Orgyia antigua

Tonight I was cleaning up the courtyard garden and found a wonderful surprise. This little fellow was on a tree that is not doing well.

Rusty Tussock Moth

When I finished for the evening I took a quick look at the wormy guy and found that he was climbing down the tree. His movement indicated which was his head. He looks a bit prickly, but could that be an illusion? According to Debbie Hadley on the site, “touch them with a bare finger and you’ll feel you’ve been pricked by fiberglass.”

Rusty Tussock Moth

I saw a photo of the Rusty Tussock male moth and it is amazing. I hope that I have an opportunity to see one up close.

Canadian Forest Service

Bug Guide Image of Flightless Female

Orgyia antiqua (Rusty Tussock Moth)

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