0703 Piece in Progress

This is a birthday celebration piece. The cream side contains the originally date of birth. The green side is the day with the current year. Morse Code is used with green cord substituted for dashes and rust cord for dots.

20130703 Birthday Front

The date begins in the upper left and works around clockwise.

Morse Code Layout

Planning to wax the entire piece to add some age and to keep everything in its proper place.

I have been dinking around with various ways to finish off the backs of pieces. The back is needed to complete the piece. Even if you cannot see the back it does exist. And I don’t want the wall showing through if there is open stitch work.

Recently I have been using starched burlap because I can stitch in title, date of piece, and my name in code.

20130703 Birthday Back

This is the first time adding strands of cord to the back with the intent of using the piece rather like a loom. Still deciding if I want to give that a try.

Since the waxing should only take a couple of hours I have plenty of time before my July 3rd deadline to make the decision.

20130703 Birthday Detail

Hardware Cloth, Cotton Fiber, Metal, 1954 Penny, Rebar Ties

9.5″ x 8.5″ x .75″
Depth may change if I decide to build a frame/box as part of the piece.

Rebar ties make for a nice hanger. I bought the bundle years ago thinking they would be a great art material. Tried using them several ways, but they haven’t revealed themselves to me as of yet. So, I have been using them for hangers for some small pieces.

Rebar Ties

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