Agave Watch 1 February 2016

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the agave next door is still standing.

There was rain. And there was what seemed to be strong wind through the night. But it still stands.


I visited to find out what the agave survived.

Wind Speed Graph

The wind speed was a tad less than 25 mph.

Wind Gust Graph

The highest wind gusts were approximately 34 mph.

A tad windy, but not enough to topple the agave.

Over the past few months the agave has developed quite the tilt. It is difficult to actually see the tilt from my studio because the Brugmansia have leafed out, started to bloom, and are obscuring my view.

Agave from the Studio Window

This is the first image that I shot. It is dated 24 March 2015.

First Agave Image

Will the agave still be standing 24 March 2016?

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