Blooms and Fragrance in My Gardens


Blooming and Fragrant Brugmansia.

Original plant was grown from seed that I purchased from .This plant is a cutting from the original plant. The plant needs to be pruned often because it tends to want to grow 15 feet or taller.

Solandra maxima

This is my first Solandra Maxima. It has large gorgeous flowers that smell delicious.

I have taken numerous cuttings from the plant. There are Solandra maxima growing in several locations in my gardens.


Brugs in the Garden

I removed several Brugs because of water rationing. These look slightly wilted, but the majority of the time, limited watering does not seem to be a bother. A large part of the day they are in filtered light.

Bird feeder Growing

For whatever reason this bird feeder is not attracting birds. After the rain I found sprouted seeds.

Bird feeder Sprouting

The bird feed has been taken down and cleaned.

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