Milkweed, a Caterpillar, and Lots of Aphids

Last week I noticed that my milkweed wasn’t looking quite right. The lower leaves were turning yellow and dropping. And most of the flowers had gone missing. The heat of the past days?

Milkweed and aphids

I took a quick look and one of the problems seemed to be aphids. When I was nearly finished spraying the aphids, I saw a caterpillar. Concerned that I might have accidentally sprayed the caterpillar, I gave the it a bit of a shower. Shortly after its shower, the caterpillar began to move quickly down the stem. And then it seemed to disappear.


I looked for it for three days. Couldn’t find it until maybe today. I found this caterpillar in the same location.


Coincidence or the same caterpillar?

I would like to believe that it is the same caterpillar. That the spray that I used on the milkweed had not harmed it. And it appears that the caterpillar loves the milkweed flowers.


Unfortunately, the spray didn’t take care of the aphid problem. This is what I found today.


Gosh there are a lot of them, but it is interesting that the bodies are yellow with black legs.

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