Caterpillar Found on Counter
From Fresh Corn


Caterpillar Found on Counter
Flip Side

Monarch Caterpillars

Monarch Caterpillar

Monarch Caterpillar Spent a Day
in the Same Location

Monarch Caterpillar

Monarch Caterpillar Active Again

Monarch Caterpillar

Monarch Caterpillars This Morning 9/20/17

September 24, 2017


Milkweed Eaten by Monarch


The Monarch That Ate My Milkweed Pod

September 25, 2017
This morning the Monarch caterpillar was no where to be found. Perhaps it was time for it to begin the next phase of its cycle. I would prefer to believe that the Monarch caterpillar relocated than to think its absence is because of a predator.

It is odd that the smaller Monarch caterpillar disappeared as well. Maybe it will surface tomorrow.

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