Third Monarch Chrysalis

Been checking the second Monarch chrysalis daily since finding it October 16, 2017.

New Chrysalis

Monarch Chrysalis Attached to an Angel Wing Begonia Leaf

Today when I was removing unwanted cabbage moth caterpillars from one of my variegated Brugmansia, I found another Monarch chrysalis. It may be newly formed since it still has its skin attached.

Third Chrysalis

Monarch Chrysalis Attached to Variegated Brugmansia Leaf
Morning October 19, 2017

I have yet to see the full transformation from caterpillar to chrysalis. There is a fun video of the transformation on the Monarch Butterfly Garden site. It is amazing to watch!

Yes, the Brug has spider mites. Everything loves Brugs. When I am certain the Monarchs have continued on their journey, I can treat the Brugs.

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