More “Weeds” Added to My Garden

I have been attempting to grow Tragopogon porrifolius in my gardens for a couple of years. Last year I snagged seeds from every plant that I saw in a vacant lot. Tossed the seed all over my courtyard garden. Not a single sprout.

Last week we noticed five Tragopogon porrifolius plants in bloom behind our neighbor’s house. We asked if he would like us to remove them. He said sure. We transplanted all of the plants into our courtyard garden.

I love all visible parts of the plant. The height of the plant is approximately 3 ½ feet.






Poof Detail


Plan to collect seed and pop them in several locations in my gardens. Also will be planting some in pots for backup.

One of the common names for Tragopogon porrifolius is oyster plant. Why? Apparently the taproot can be eaten and its flavor is similar to oysters.

Weed Root

The Jepson Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley

University of California Agriculture & Natural Resources, Statewide Integrates Pest Management Program

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