Ludisia Flower Buds

When a plant seems to not grow for nearly two years, what could that mean? Loads of stuff.

Wrong potting mix.
Wrong light.
Wrong watering.

When I bought the plant at the local Farmers’ Market, I thought the grower told me that the plant is an Impatiens.

Today when I did a google image search, I found that it is a Ludisia, a type of orchid. And that the soil was wrong, light wrong, and watering wrong, feeding wrong. Nice that it survived in spite of my incorrect care. I should have been caring for it like an African Violet.

I repotted it and suddenly it began to grow.

Ludisia Plant

Could all be a coincidence, or maybe it finally had the right growing conditions.

Ludisia Leaf Detail

New Growth
Ludisia New Growth

Flower Buds
Ludisia Flower Bud

Ludisia Flower Bud

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