Romneya–Matilija poppy

It is common to see large Romneya growing between fields and roadways on the California Central Coast.

I purchased a 1-gallon Romneya plant. Popped it in the garden; it died. Purchased a second plant. Same thing happened.

After purchasing chicken grit for a soilless mix to transplant succulents, noticed a large Romneya growing near the parking lot, behind an office building. It clearly wasn’t cared for. Trash all around it and definitely multiple years of growth.

Snagged several seedpods with the hope of germination.

Romneya Seedpods

Romneya Seedpod Pair

The plan will be to soak the seed in Super Smoke Plus.I used the product when I was growing protea.

Cape Seed Primer

This is a fun shot of one of the seedpods. Looks sculptural.

Romneya Standing Seedpod

Haven’t decided when I will start the process. The seedpods are so beautiful, I am feeling a bit hesitant to crack them open.

Romneya at

Romneya at Wikipedia

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