Morning Glories

I purchased packets of Morning Glory seed at the local Dollar Tree in 2018. The packets have basic information with common names, not proper botanical names. Not a lot of seed in a packet but good success.

Morning Glory Seed Packs

I planted Morning Glories this year from harvested seed. Have already harvested loads of seed this season. Some planted in the gardens, some in pots.

I wrapped seed harvested 8/21 in damp paper towel and placed the lot in a small open plastic bag. On 8/26 I potted them and placed them in a sunny window.

Morning Glories Potted

The pot is in now the kitchen. Hope that it will enjoy climbing the ornaments and wrap its tendrils around the garland and valance eyelets.

Morning Glories Potted

The lovely pink flowers will be welcoming in the morning.

Morning Glory Pink

The Morning Glory is growing up a variegated Brugmansia.

Morning Glory Pink

Had hoped the plant would grow up the double white Brugmansia, instead climbed the Dietes.

Currently growing American Seed: Basil (Genovese), Italian Parsley, Carrot (Red cored Chantenay), Peas, Yellow Bush (Cherokee) Beans, and Kale (Dwarf Blue Curled).

Most of the produce will be snacks for my two house rabbits.

At four packets of seed 25¢ each, definitely an amazing bargain.

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