Be Yourself Framed

I thought I completed the Be Yourself piece in September of 2020.

Be Yourself

Not keen that the hardware cloth bows. Ran across a frame that I was planning to use for a different piece that didn’t work out. The frame seemed to fit.

Be Yourself Posted on September 2020

There was still a problem with the bowing so I added a piece of self adhesive Velcro to the bottom. It sort of worked, briefly.


I added tacks to the part of the Velcro strip attached to the frame and stitched the other part of the Velcro strip to the back of the piece.



Piece in frame attached with Velcro.


Sort of works, but still is not ideal.

The flannel stitched to the back of the piece is only stitched to the edges. The Velcro should have been attached to the hardware cloth. Learning experience for the next piece.

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