A Nature Gift

In mid December I checked out the green waste bin looking for potential art materials. Saw a sweet little oak cutting. I snagged it.

Looked like a wee stump with a few twigs. Thought that it might be fun to use in a piece. Popped it in some water hoping it would prevent it from drying out before I had an opportunity to look at it closer. It has been growing new leaves, no roots. Pretty sure this is not a tree that can be propagated in water.

Oak Cutting

Last week I moved it upstairs. I thought it would get better light during the day.

Oak Cutting

I totally forgot to water the little oak one day. It requires loads of water.
Unfortunately, it’s started to lose leaves and some of the twig-like branches died.

I pruned the dried dead bits.

Oak Cutting

I think the green section may survive. How, not sure.

This leaf gave me pause.

Oak Cutting

Nature offers amazingly beautiful gifts!

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